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Redfield TAC MOA Reticle

Redfield TAC MOA ReticleTAC MOA is Redfield’s tactical reticle. This reticle has hash marks with 2 MOA increments. MOA marks makes it more comfortable in use comparing to milradian based reticles. 1 MOA is 1″ at 100 yards, 2″ at 200 yards and so on. On the other hand 1 mil is 3.6″ at 100 yards, 7.2″ at 200 yards and so on. As you can see it is much faster to do calculations using MOA based reticles.

Redfield TAC MOA reticle has 40 MOA hash marks spacing (20 MOA on both sides of the center). Then there is 20 MOA of solid line. Tips of the heavy posts is the 40 MOA.

Redfield TAC MOA reticle is very useful for bullet drop and windage compensation. Also you can use this reticle to determine the distance to the target of known size.

This reticle available in following Redfield rifle scopes:


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Redfield Accu-Range Reticle

Redfield Accu-Range ReticleOriginal Accu-Range  was on of the first ballistic compensation reticle. After Leupold & Stevens have purchased Redfield brand, they have redesigned this reticle.

New Accu-Range reticle has heavy posts that will quickly lead your eye to the center of reticle. There is the circle at the center of reticle even for faster target acquisition.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Redfield Accu-Ranger Reticles

Have you ever had a situation when your target ran away while you were preparing your shot? But what can you do about it? You still need some time to determine the distance to the target if it’s far away, then you need to find an appropriate point for holdover or adjust elevation knob. After all you need to find the comfortable position to make a precise shot. Consider yourself lucky if the game stays on the same position during all this time. But what if it doesn’t? The time in such situation is quite critical.

Redfield has solved this problem. Revenge hunting scopes series feature the unique Accu-Ranger reticles. With this reticle you can quickly determine the distance to the target and make your shot without a delay while you can keep your eyes on the target at all the times. It may sound like some expensive rifle scope with laser rangefinder, but it’s not. Range estimation performs by scope’s optics and mechanics that makes this scope affordable. Let’s see how Accu-Ranger reticle works. Read the rest of this entry »

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