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How to Mount a Rifle Scope

Today I want to share with you a great video on How to Mount a Rifle Scope. This video was recorded by Tim O’Connor Leupold and Steven’s product line manager.

Tim will take you through entire process of rifle scope mounting, will give you  tips on proper torque, aliment of the mounting ring and the rifle scope. You’ll learn how to set the rifle scope on proper place for correct eye relief and how to adjust the reticle so it is straight up and down.

In the second part of this video Tim teaches you how to find a mechanical zero of the scope and how to bore sight your rifle scope after you’ve done mounting. You’ll learn one-shot sight-in method as well.

I found this video most right to the point and most useful than other videos about the rifle scope mounting.




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Rifle Scope Parallax Explanation

A lot of people ask me what is parallax in rifle scope and how it will effect the shooting. This effect can cause the shifting of the point of impact at long ranges and can make your apparent group size a lot larger. It is simple to understand, but not that simple to explain without live example. Today I want to share with you a best video that I found about rifle scope parallax. This video is just 2 minutes long and you’ll witness parallax effect yourself.

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Bushnell HDMR | G2 Reticle Comprehensive Review

Bushnell HDMR scope is design for quick and accurate shots at the long distance due to its G2 reticle that placed at first focal plane and generous eye box. This scope has compact size that makes it fit-able to any rifle and perfectly holds any recoil. Today I was browsing internet and found an amazing video. This comprehensive review was done by GA Precision. By the way Bushnell HDMR rifle scope with G2 reticle was designed by the George Gardener —  the owner of GA Precision. Who else can be more competent to explain how it works? Read the rest of this entry »

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Rifle Scopes | Adjustable Objective | How to Use and What They Do

Today I want to share with you a video with good explanation of what is Adjustable Objective, what it does and how to use it.

In this video you will look through the rifle scope and will see how the image becomes blurry when you increase magnification. It happens if your rifle scope focused for the wrong distance. That is why you need an adjustable objective. It will focus your rifle scope. Read the rest of this entry »


Leupold Scopes | Factory Tour | Beaverton, OR

Today I want to share Leupold factory video  tour that I found on Youtube.

If somebody does not know Leupold & Stevens is US based manufacturer located in Beaverton  state Oregon. There is more than 600 employees work on the factory. Most of them are passionate hunters. They exactly know what kind of scopes hunters want. Read the rest of this entry »

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Do Leupold lenses come from China?

Today I found a video about the source of Leupold lenses and want to clarify something.

In this video guy tell us that Leupold lenses comes from Asia countries and this is true. Leopold does not hide this and you can read about it at their web site: Does it make their quality worse? No and No! Read the rest of this entry »

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Redfield Scopes | How Revolution Model is Made

Redfield brand is owned by Leupold & Stevens Inc. Therefore Redfield Scopes are produced at the Willamette Valley state Oregon side by side with another Leupold scopes. Same machine are used, same employees are involved. This scopes definitely has the same high durability and reliability.

To produce Redfield scopes factory use aviation aluminium alloy T6061, which is really lightweight. On the following video you will see the material warehouse. You will be amazed of the amount of aluminum manufacturer use to produce this scopes. Leupold & Stevens is the biggest consumer of the aluminium in the north west.  They use about million pounds of it per year! Read the rest of this entry »

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